Sunday, 17 July 2011

Short Break

I am taking a short break again. I know I had said I will not but my dad is not too well. I will view all the recipes but please excuse me if I do not comment or I appear short.I am a tiny bit worried.

Thanks folks
I know the whole thing is minor and I am making a mountain but....


  1. don't worry dear....hope ur dad will get well soon...will keep you and ur dad in my prayers...

  2. wishing your dad a quick recovery from his ailment- take care and forget blogs/bloggers/blogging; it can wait !

  3. Hey dont worry. Take care and will pray for ur dad's speedy recovery

  4. Hey dont worry dear.. Your dad wil be fine soon. You stay cool :) Take care.. C you soon.

  5. hope your dad is feeling much better.
    take as long as you want, we'll still be here.

  6. Take care of your Dad, Archana!! Near and Dear are the best medicine and great recovery than anything in the whole world. Hope he will get well soon.


  7. Thanks Anu, Priya Sreeram, Amritha Kalyani, Pushpa,Gopika,Roxana and Mythreyi! Your support helped me a lot! Pappa has agreed to follow up investigations which is a major plus point.


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