Sunday, 3 July 2011

Spring Onion Stir Fry or Kanda Path Bhaji

I am finding it difficult to post anything! Is this the writer’s block or that I still have to read 200 posts that are lying in my reader?
  One break and so many posts I just cannot seem to catch-up.
Should remind myself next time I take a break.
Anyway here is a simple stir fry that I make out of spring onions often. Not only is it tasty it is also ready in a jiffy.  J

2 bunches of spring onion
Mustard seeds
½ tsp chilli powder (adjust as per taste)
1 tblspn besan/kadli hit/chana daal atta
1.       Chop the greens of the spring onion, wash and drain.
2.       Chop the onions too wash and drain.
3.       Heat oil in a kadhai add the mustard when it splutters add the hing/asafoetida, turmeric, red chilli powder in quick succession.  Take care the spices do not burn.
4.       Add the onions stir a little then add the greens. Stir.
5.        Add the salt and the besan. Mix well. Cover and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.
6.       Do not remove the lid till the kadhai cools a little.
7.       Serve with chapatti but tastes best with jowar roti and curds rice.

P.S.:-You may add a little less besan to get a wetter vegetable. This way it is absolutely dry.


  1. Never knew we cud make a stir fry out of spring onion.I thought it was just for garnishing!! This looks soo yummy

  2. Looking for some rice now...delicious stir fry! :D

  3. Thanks Ramya and Love2Cook.

  4. Simple and tempting curry.. looks gr8 !!
    Indian Cuisine

  5. This is an interesting recipe... Bookmarked

  6. nice looking dish and my hubby made it once sometime back when he was in a mood for donning aprons ! I loved it and this looks good

  7. So interesting and delicious fry !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Roti Pachadi/Chutney

  8. This is in my to do list. Got the recipe from a friend. Just want to taste it.
    Show and Tell
    Event - LGSS_Paneer


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