Friday, 23 September 2011

Potato and Spinach Kabab?

W hat do you when you have potatoes, that ane not too big to be called small potatoes and not too small to be called baby potatoes?

What do you do when you have palak that has about given up on you?

Cook them together right?

 That is exactly what I have done here. Since I am not too sure about the classification of this dish I have called it Kabab?

 So here is my recipe.

¾ kg potatoes
2 bundles of palak
 6 cloves garlic (adjust as per taste)
1 inch piece of ginger
4 green chillies (adjust as per taste)
½ a cup of mint, tulsi, coriander (adjust as per taste)
2 onions
½ cup of curd, beaten up
½ tsp haldi/turmeric
1tsp Red chilli powder
½ tsp Garam masala
2 tblspn oil ( I used olive oil)

1.     Soak the potatoes in water, scrub them and like I said they were to big to treated as baby potatoes and to small as regular potatoes so I halved them and for I was feeling quite murderous punched a few holes with the fork . Soak them in fresh water till you are ready with the next ingredients.
2.     Wash all the leafy vegetables. Drain them well.
3.     Toss all the palak/spinach, coriander, tulsi, mint, garlic, ginger, onions and green chillies coarsely chopped in the mixer and grind to a fine paste.
4.     Now in a big bowl add the ground paste, curd and all the dry powders and salt. Mix well.
5.     Now add the potato pieces mix well and let the mixture stand for atleast 1 hour. Check the seasonings. Remember the potatoes will need salt so the mix has to have a bit extra salt.
6.     After 1 hour heat the oil about 1 tblspn oil and pop in all the potatoes and the green sauce.  Cover and cook for some time.
7.     When the aroma fills in and you get questions as to what you are upto remove the lid and stir fry till all the liquid evaporates. Use oil if needed. Since I used my giant fry pan which happens to have a very thick bottom I put in all the potatoes, you can use the pressure cooker or bake them.
8.     Serve them as a snack or a side dish.

Sending this to Priya's event here started by Vardhini of Zestey Palette



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