Monday, 12 September 2011

I have been tagged!

have been tagged!
I was surprised & pleased when Priya of Now Serving choose me as one of her tags.
Surprised, as I was not expecting her to choose me, as there is lot more that I have to travel and pleased ….of course you will be pleased   too if  you are chosen too! 
Thanks Priya!!

Now my dilemma starts to choose my own posts. I love each one of my post for they are conceived with the idea of pleasing the people who matter the most, my family!  It’s like asking a mother to choose her favourite baby!

Anyway the rules of the game need me to do so, here goes.

1.     The Most Beautiful Post

2.     Most Popular Post

3.     Most Contravention   Post

None. Thankfully.

4.     Most Helpful Post
5.     Surprisingly Successful Post

6.     The Post that did not get the attention it deserved
Most of my earlier posts fill this category but I would like to choose

7.     The one I am most proud of ( as my daughter has made them for me)

I would like to tag all of you but let’s face it I am the typical Goan with a ‘susegad’ attitude I wish I can just write the name and the link is ready as in face book. Blogger are you listening!!

O! Kalyani of Kalyani’s platter has awarded me these awards! Thanks Kalyani!
I would like to pass it on to



  1. congrats on the tag and awards .. . wishing u many more !!!! happy to follow u ...

  2. Wonderful medley of delicious recipes. Excellent collection.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. lovely posts dear, all the posts look apt and great..especially the last 2 :)

  4. Congrats on ur awards, thank you for your wishes and comments at my space..very true that Priya and Aipi always support and inspire the beginners.:)

  5. Beautiful recap and wonderful awards,keep rocking dear..

  6. A real nice recollection of all the beautiful recipes you have ~ love all of them! And thanks for tagging me back will post it soon :)

  7. first time here ...lovely collection of recipies glad you follow you. Visit my blog.

  8. Lovely post containing a medley of delicious and tempting recipes. Great to note such a wonderful array of dishes.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Lovely post, nice way to look back at the recipes!

  10. Lovely post, nice way to look back at the recipes!

  11. And thanks for thinking of me :) I am so so lazy in doing tags,but sure will do in recent future..

  12. Well Archana..all your posts are the best ones according to me..Your dishes are easy to make & homely.. :) Congrats on ur awards & thx a ton gurl for sharing them with me :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  13. wonderful picks for the 7 links Archana :) And congrats on your well-deserved awards - hugs, priya

  14. congrats on the tag and awards .. . wishing u many more !

  15. Dokla look simple and amazing.. I was reading this 7 links challenge some where else and it sounded interesting, and wishing some one could tag me and after looking at your tag, it's like my wish come true. Thanks for reading my my mind Dear...

    will post my 7 links soon. :-)

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  16. congratz on your awards!! & a nice post....

  17. hi
    congrats on the awards
    and its really sweet of you to pass the award to me also.
    thank you so much


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