Saturday, 17 September 2011

Addendum to The LGSS`Capsicum or Bell Peppers

 I am  terribly sorry I for got one entry sent by Amy for the series round-up.  My only excuse is that it got buried under the mail I keep receiving! Sorry Amy!

Here is Amy's wonderful bell pepper recipe. She has called it Stuffed Malu Miris . In case you have not visited her please do vist her at Food Corner for delicious Sri Lankan recipes.

Amy my dear,once again  I am sorry I missed you out. Please accept my apologies. As a token of my appreciation please accept this awards. Please do display it on  your page. 

In case anyone is wondering what this picture is its stuffed capsicum. Stuffed with fried rice. Looks very pretty does it not but was outright rejected by all in my family so I did not post it.



  1. Oh this is so nice of you....I understand ; even my email inbox is always full & sometimes we miss some emails....& even with lesser free time for computer....Thanks for posting

  2. Archana, just found that you are hosting the FFNFF event. Since we almost have another month, i will try to post something for your event. Loved the Ganesha description btw.

  3. Thanks Amy for being so understanding andLa@FoodSlice I am waiting eagerly for your entry.
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.


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