Monday, 24 October 2011

Masoor Salad

I love massor its always in my fall back plan when there are no veggies in at home, because you can soak it up at the last possible moment but still you get a delicious Tonak out of it. So I had the other day.  At the last possible moment I decided that the quantity of masoor that I have soaked is too much and I let it remain in the sieve. Too late to put it in the fridge I went to work.

Was I worried that the masoor will get spoiled? Nah you see living in this humid place does have advantages we get sprouts easily. So in the evening we had tiny sprouts and the next day they were quite long.

Now we eat moong or heser as it is known as in Kanada raw, never have I fed my family masoor raw, so I tried making this salad in small quantities something that I could finish if the others did not like it.   But we all loved it.

The quantities given here are   approximate. You can also use cauliflower, peas, cabbage, capsicum etc. Next time I am adding pomegranates.

1 cup sprouted masoor or whole red lentil
1 carrot  
1 onion
1 tomato (you can use cherry tomatoes)
Lettuce leaves (I used iceberg, the red leafed lettuce and the regular lettuce)
Lime juice

1.     Cut the carrots in small pieces and dunk hem in boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove and immediately immerse them in ice cold water.
2.     Wash the lettuce and drop them in ice cold water for ½ an hour (This makes the lettuce crisp) and tear them to pieces after patting them dry. Left to my elder one she will wash, rip them apart and dunk them in ice water then dry them. You can follow either method.
3.     Chop the onion fine, make big chunks of tomato.
4.     Mix the all the ingredients except the lettuce and stand in the fridge till serving time.
5.     Just before serving gently toss the salad with the lettuce.
6.     Serve chilled.
P.S. I carried it to work and it was not chilled but still tasted superb.
This is my entry for  Day 2 of BM #9  Group 2. Do check out what the others are making here.


  1. colourful combination Archana this salad looks wonderful

  2. I love sprouted mung ...this a very hearty and whole meal salad!

  3. Healthy and Great idea.Luks yum and delish.Luv this salad.

  4. superb recipe. i tried this before,tasted great

  5. Woww wat a healthy and nutritious salad, full of proteins.

  6. Very colour salad! delcious..

  7. thats a nice idea...masoor sprouts ....highly nutritious too!

  8. looks absolutely great dear.

  9. I have one sprouted salad coming up tomorrow. Yours look fabulous! Very nutritious and looks gorgeous too!

  10. love ur salad recipe, beautiful pictures and presentation too


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