Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fast Food not FAt Food Roundup

I am amazed and humbled by the creativity of my fellow bloggers!!
When I was hosting the event Fast Food not Fat Food I must confess I was not very confident about getting many entries.  But there were entries and such amazing ones!!
Thanks all of you!!  You guys are amazing!!

Without much of a talk enjoy this visual feast. It does not end there make it and enjoy it!!

But first wait I want to present to all my friends here who have participated here with a small token of my love and appreciation for I would not be writing this round up if it were not for their contribution. Also I would like to thank Priya of Now Serving  letting me host this event.  
Now lets begin with out amazing tour of all that is dished out.
Bored to cook but want something healthy for lunch Try this Nutty Tofu & Shell Pasta Salad sent in by Priya Sreeram of Bon Appetit.

Satiate your sweet tooth with this lovely lovely  Wheat almond & palm Sugar Cookies  again that   Priya Sreeram of Bon Appetit has shared.
Will you prefer fruits for dessert? Try her Zesty Mango & Pear Bites!Simple and delicious.

Love Dill!
Try this delicious Dill Roti Taste Bhi Health Bhi sent by Anu of Anu's Healthy Kitchen

Want a cool  Shake fast... but must be healthy try this Blueberry & Dates Puree/Shake. Lovely it will hit the spot.

Ever noticed its Sunday you want your 40 winks and the kids are hungry. Try these healthy  banana fitters sent in by Ramkumari of Spicy Khana. Even I want some please Mommy!;)

Kids love what is served in the restaurants don't they. So was I pleased when  Anzz sent me her entry of Fried Apple Pies  that imitates MD was I complaining? Its healthy and better for my pocket. 

 Enthusiastic Kalyani of Mom's Chef sent me 4 entries each amazingly healthy try Kothimbir Vadi Baked with your evening tea. 

No then try Baked Samosa. Yummy no! Samosa and no oil?? Wow !!

Not content in setting my taste buds sizzling she sent me this drool worthy Herby Cheese Pizza

Had too much but still have an yearning for something sweet? Feast away on these Sugar free Dates and Almond Muffin

Pratima of Prats Kitchen sent me these yummy recipes fast food but gets some nutrition in my fast food crazy kids  Sesame Fried Tofu 

 and  Khaman Dhokla  

Now Do you want Edible Entertainment try this  Tandoori Panneer Pizzaa that Kavi has dished up. Slurp comfort food!

Next on the menu is Corn Kababs! Wow Kavi love them!

Still hungry for Kababs the have a go at her Hara Bhara Kababs

Do you like figs? Honey nuts?Then try this yummy dessert sent by La of Food Slice  Honey Baked Figs with Cinnamon and Almonds.

 Hmmm! I am waiting for figs to hit the markets!
Take a look at Amy from Food Corner's offerings! try these delicious Fried Instant Noodles with Vegetables and you will be panting for more.  

ever had I thought making  burgers Amy way? Uses the leftovers and is healthy too.
But if you prefer rice then Amy has that too. Wow what a lovely Fried Rice with Mixed Vegetables.

Want a Healthy Bite? How about Charu's of i'm a foodie'sHealthy Bites that whet your appetite.
Now of course   Priya  of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes does not need any introduction  she is amazingly innovative and she has sent 3 yummy entries  Steamed Carrot Cornmeal Cake on reading her recipe I was wishing corn meal was available in Goa.

 Next she sent this amazing Raspberry Quinoa Smoothie
Last she sent this guilt free snack, yummy  and delicious Steamed Chickpeas Dumplings now snack away without any fear of gaining weight..

After these lovely entries try some tasty healthy crunchy Very BerryParfait  sent by Smitha of Smitha' Spicy Flavours where she cooks up a storm her way...
Now indulge in some Kasoori Methi Poori Namkeen Poori sent in by Ashwini Deshpande of  Indulge-Ash's corner.

Hungry Kya? Gujrathi chlega? Try Deepthi's Cabbage mixed Muthia all microwaved!!

Try something Tangy and Spicy from Shuchi's place of the same name she has sent Soya Aloo Patty!! Hmm I seem to be getting hungrier and hungrier!!
You always thought hot dogs meant meat did you not ? Wrong it can be made veggie too! Don't believe me have a look at Pia CookHealthy of  amazing Black Chickpeas hotdog! 
Mythreyi of Yum! Yum! Yum! made these Soy Crumbs ; White Rice Patties juts to participate here! Thanks Mythreyi!  It certainly is Yum!Yum! Yum!

Now how about some dosa? Yummy comfort food! and if it is Moong Rice Dosa | Mung Rice Dosa that Shilpa  of Yummilicious food....has sent in...
Now you have had idllis almost everyday but have you had Cucumber idllis? Try P.Shwetha Shenoy

Or Cabbage Idllis 

or Patoli Yummy.

And here are my entries 
Healthy Instant Corn Dhokla the entry that fetched me maximum views on my page.

Corn and Sprouts Salad (looks like I had a corn fixation :) )

And the Paneer and tofu Tikka Burger that I made for Blog Hop Wednesday where we visit different blogger friends and explore their blogs. 
How about Sev Batata Poori

Please let me know if I have missed someone out I will rectify  my mistake.
Thanks once again to all of you for joining me in my event and Priya thanks for this opprtunity.



  1. OMG what a roundup.,. I am hungry looking at the dishes and the talent of my blogger friends. Thanks Archana, you deserve a bigger applaud for the work behind the event.
    Love Ash

  2. wow!! A nice roundup & happy to see a lot of contribution from blogging friends...Also You have presented this roundup nicely....Thanks for hosting

  3. nice round up... somehow missed this.. will try participating in your next event...

  4. lovely round-up of healthy recipes; thanks a ton for the participation badge; glad to have been a part of it cheers

  5. Wow..Archana..This is a fantastic roundup..!!!! Off now to check out all the yummy entries!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  6. lovely roundup Archana ! have sent you a detailed mail on some correction on my entries. do check it out !

    Join me in GFF - a 100-day Global Food Festival here
    event ending 31st Oct: Strawberry desserts all this October

  7. Wonderful collection, Archana :) Love all your little intro sentences :) And I love the participation award!!!

    Thanks for hosting - xoxo


  8. wow, that looks like a great roundup.

  9. oh, thanks
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