Saturday, 29 October 2011

Milkmaid Chocolate Barfi

For Diwali I made Milkmaid ChocolateBarfi!
Anything with chocolate & I am the best mom that the world has so I set about making this one.

 I also spoke to my SIL asking her why we have not made in ages.  Even she was at a loss but she encouraged me remake as I confessed that I had not made anything for Diwali and everything was store brought.

So here is the recipe I have made absolutely no change. It was only after I finished making it and when I tried to remove the chocolate from the plate I remembered why I had given up making this stuff.

The barfi is sticky and absolutely in love with the greased plate, it is impossible to separate the two. Finally I stuck to making small balls of the chocolate which forget the kids we adults also loved them.

So here it is lovely, delicious yummy barfi which just keeps your jaws stuck together.
Please don’t get discouraged by what I am saying it is delicious.

Recipe Source: The Milkmaid Recipe Booklet
Cooking time: 20-25 minutes
1 tin milkmaid
100 grms chopped nuts (I used cashew nuts0
½ cup cocoa powder
50 grms butter (used Amul)
¾ cup sugar
1.     Mix all the ingredients in a thick bottomed pan.
2.     Grease a tray.
3.     Stir constantly on low flame till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.
4.     Pour in the greased tray. Allow to cool and set. Then cut them in squares.(I managed till here)
5.     Then I made them into balls which disappeared at an amazing rate.



  1. Chocolate burfis look super yummy. Excellent preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Sinful treats ~ looks so very chocolaty!

  3. Chocolate barfi looks delicious... yummy..

  4. Absolute delicious.....

  5. First time on your blog. I was just glancing through your desserts. This looks awesome! If you are willing to, you can send this recipe and any other sweet & romantic recipes to my ongoing ''Valentine's Day Event'' :)

  6. Tried this burfi for BHW archana, they came out so well!!!!

  7. Hi !!! Met you at the bloggers meet . Hey was wondering about adding milk powder too. Some recipes have added that. Wonder if it will make barfi less sticky. Plan to make it today for upcoming Diwali.


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