Thursday, 26 July 2012

Curry Leaves Chutney

The other day my best friend Sheetal called on me.
She came bearing gifts……. a big plastic bag full of curry leaves, lovely green and delightfully aromatic just for me.
Apparently her neighbour had pruned her tree and was distributing the leaves. “Tu kide tari karbare sha” she told me which translates to make something delicious. There was one bigger bag for the Office distribution.

A houseful of guests was not the best time to take pictures but making this delicious chutnipudi was easy under hubs Maushi’sguidance.


1 cup Curry leaves, powdered    
100 grams til/sesame seeds, roasted
25 grams flax/agashi/jawas powder
Tamarind goose berry size
1 tblsp Red chilli powder
1.  Now to make your powdered curry leaves wash and air dry the leaves. On the microwave proof plate spread the leaves in a single layer. Microwave them for 30 secsonce or twice till the leaves are dried. Stir in between each microwave. I needed to do this for 1.30 secs. The timing will differ as per your microwave.

2.  Remove and let them cool. Transfer the leaves in the mixer and grind them. Take one cup for the chutney.  The rest can be stored in an air tight bottle. I use this powder indals, veggies etc as my family does not like to see the curry leaves. Also the curry leaves are decorating the edge of their plate. This powder, sorry healthy powder is in the stomach.

3.  Put all the ingredients in the mixer jar and grind it to a fine powder. Your deliciouschutnipudi is ready.

Have this aromatic chutnipudi with anything dal rice, chapatti but I loved it best with bread, homemade ghee just like Ajji served.

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  1. Like the mom makes this :)) a spicier version. Nice click :))

  2. very aromatic and healthy chutney :)

  3. hey this is nice and flavourful chutney

  4. Sounds very healthy...Perfect with hot rice!

  5. you know I have never made this..looks a good chutney with parathas

  6. hi, even i am karwari from ankola , but born and brought up in mumbai. and find many of your recipes familiar. This chutney is one of my favourites .

  7. Looks lovely

  8. Very aromatic and flavorful chutney powder

  9. yummy and healthy powder... Happy to follow u...

  10. wow.. aromatic chutney

    You have a lovely space .. glad to follow you :)


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