Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blue Curacao and Eggless Lemon Curd

After Mixing 

 I would like to thank each one of you for your loving messages when I said that my back was paining in my post of Methi Muthia.  Thanks a lot I am sorry I cannot thank each one of you individually (lazy here)!! I am fine now. Thanks a million!!

When we went to Mapro’s in Mahableshwar we had picked up a lot of squashes.

 The one that we enjoyed most was Citrus Blue. Once those bottles were over we were left pining for Citrus Blue. But it is not available here so when I saw Mala’s Blue Curacao I picked it up. But there are hardly any takers for it.
Before Mixing

Then I made the egg less lemon curd I have been thinking of different options… and coming up with some amazing combos.

 One of them which I am raving about is this drink combing the two.

The rest in my family think I have lost it for they think it’s sour and buttery (rolling my eyes here) and not much to rave about but I LOVE it!!

Well you know you know the saying about horse and the water… so I will leave it at that, act selfishly and drink up as long as I get a chance. It will not be long when they figure out how they want their drink!

Now this is my drink where I have added a tablespoonful of lemon curd to about ¼ cup of blue Curacao and water. The amount of lemon curd or the blue Curacao & water you can adjust to your liking. The water can be substituted by soda or Sprite.

So enjoy.

I loved it so much that i could not resit taking pictures of it so please suffer them all.(There are a few more but I got tired of uploading them :D




  1. pleasant color and drink....lovely :)

  2. I pick up blue caracau every time I go to Mahabaleshwar.. I am missing going to Mahabi now :))
    Lemon curd and blue caracau, even I am not that brave but worth a try!

  3. I am an ardent fan of this color... Love this.. Slurp....


  4. Love this blue squash, super catchy and refreshing.

  5. Thanks all.
    @Gauri try it its delicious.

  6. Looks SO cool! would,love to try it!

  7. hi archana, hey , regret to note that you have not been well, you need to really take good care of yourself- dont carry heavy loads-it will trigger the pain all over again. i had a very bad back pain before.
    Never tried or seen this blue curaco before... looks pretty and appetizing too. have a nice day


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