Monday, 10 September 2012

Strawberry Truffles

Everytime I promise myself that I will post regularly!
 In fact my pictures are all ready but my matter is not. Why the matter of simply putting down what I have done down is getting me in such a tizzy I do not know.  Net result now I have managed to complicate matters for myself.

Not only have I not got my recharge visiting all my friends places I am in a soup for I am unable to remember deadlines, events and most importantly my cooking is down on a scale of 1-10 I am somewhere near 1 or 2 if not zero.

Anyway I had forgotten the BM dates. Yes I a part of the BM# 20. Can you imagine my surprise that it’s on 10th Sept. and thanks to the cats and dogs raining out here my pictures are an all time low. Plus they are all night pictures. Sorry.

For the BM I have choosen to use our (the family) favourite as my theme so this  time it is  CHOCOLATES!   

(This is also the reason I cannot take pictures in the morning they are all over.)
So for the next 3 days do check out for delicious chocolate entries here!

Let us begin with Strawberry truffles. 
this is what my hubby said,”thavni tili recipe” bookishly means something that has been stored for ages but I will like to take it as a keeper.
Recipe source maybe again Tarla Dalal
Taste of this is delicious
Here is what you will need
300 grams dark chocolate
80 grams strawberry pulp
2 tbsp cream
2 tbspn honey (I used golden syrup)
200 grams butter
1.    Simmer strawberry pulp, cream and honey.
2.    Remove from fire add the chocolate. Stir till smooth
3.    In case there is lumps transfer to a double boiler.
4.    Add butter. Mix
5.    Refrigerate for ½ hour.
6.    Roll in small balls. Refrigerate again for ½ hour.
7.    Roll in cocoa, icing sugar, coconut chopped nuts or corn flakes.

1.    I had in one of my posts here said that strawberries can be frozen and stored. I have used these very strawberries here.
2.    You can also use apricots.
3.    Since the truffles kept on disappearing before I could roll them in any of the stuff listed above I have no pictures. Except the miserly lot that is left over after the ATTACK!

Linking to Kids Delight Chocolate started by Srivalli and guest hosted by Vaishali

Linking this to Anjali's event Cooking Made Easy with Chocolate /Cocoa

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  1. super delicious recipe...even i go thru the phases of not willing to write many times...guess writer's block

  2. Love Love it...

  3. Truffles look nice...though I am not a great fan of sweets and desserts, love to make them.

  4. Feel like grabbing and having some,irresistible truffles.

  5. I love these cause u can pop many in the mouth .. lol
    Delicious, chocolaty truffles

  6. I love truffles and adding strawberry puree seems like a yummy idea...

  7. Loved reading your post Archana.Sometimes or most of the times I am in your spot too.Pic ready but can't sit down to write it...Anyways,I bet those truffles were delicious. Strawberry n chocolate-who can say no!

  8. Wow awesome!! Looks too delectable dear :)

  9. Nice write up :) The truffles look wonderful too!

  10. Love the truffles and the strawberry pulp, must have given a nice flavor and taste. Super!!!

  11. hi archana, fantastic, i love truffles. you sound hilarious-i am also that these days, postings delayed due to browser crashed.....
    cos of that, my net connection got affected too.
    been 2 weeks late and unable to visit too. have a nice day

  12. Archana..frankly these are totally mouthwatering..loved the recipe..too good!..n thanks dear for linking it!!

  13. Love the combo of strawberry and chocolates.. Truffles look so yummy.. No wonder they disappeared so soon.. ;)

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  14. Love the combo. Looks delicious.

  15. Those are looking tempting indeed!

  16. Such amazing n cute truffles are they and that addition of strawberries is stunning! :)
    Thanks for linking.

  17. Super Delicious... choco Truffle


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