Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

 The other day I found some bread lying in the fridge and I decided to make BREAD PUDDING.  
Pudding is one sweet that my family eats without complaints. My husband is not reminded of his imaginary diabetes & daughters,” I don’t like sweets “rhetoric. In fact they many times do not wait for it to cool down!
Today I made the simple basic pudding without tweaking the recipe. I make the caramel and the soaked the bread in the morning and steamed the pudding in the evening after work. 
The pudding that i have removed from the mould did not come out as i needed it to. Some of it was still in the bowl as my kid was in a hurry !:-) I am grateful that she waited for me to click pictures before she dug in!! lol
For the pudding:
4 slices bread
½ litre milk
½ cup sugar (adjust as per taste)
3 eggs
1tsp vanilla essence
For the caramel:
½ cup sugar
1/4cup water
To make the caramel:
The Caramelised Bowl
1.       I used the bowl in which I would be steaming the pudding to make the caramel. Where in I added the sugar and water and on low heat stirred the mixture till the sugar dissolves.
2.       Then I increased the flame to medium and cook stirring occasionally till the colour changes to what colour you prefer from golden brown to brown that we prefer.
3.       Then tilt the bowl running the caramel to the edges so that it coats the bowl. This has to be done when the caramel is hot else it will harden. When coating is all done let the bowl cool.
Generally this is the first thing I do.
For the pudding:

1.       Remove the crusts of the bread in case you want a lovely cream colour for your pudding.
2.       Heat the milk, add the sugar and bread slices and let the mixture cool.
3.       When the milk cools transfer the bread mixture to the mixed and add  eggs, vanilla essence and whip (takes about 2 rounds on low speed).
4.       Pour in the prepared bowl cover with aluminium foil or a plate and immediately transfer in the cooker and steam without the whistle for 45 minutes. (I needed to steam for 45 minutes in the prestige cooker in the anodised once you will need 30 minutes).
5.       Refrigerate before you turn in over on a plate. Shake gently to release the pudding.
6.       Serve chilled.


  1. its lovely...must try it...

  2. delicious looking pudding ....

  3. Awesome in love with deep caramel caramel color and my watering mouth really wants a piece now!!!

    US Masala

  4. My aunt makes this pudding and I love it! she forgot the recipe and here I am with the perfect one!!!!
    Bookmarked!!!!! :)
    Thanks a LOT, archana! :)


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