Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pungent Sauce

Pungent Sauce/ Chutney/Masala

For my daughter’s birthday had decided to serve Pasta with the usual tomato sauce and white sauce but knowing some of my friends I decided to serve a pungent sauce that I had accidentally stumbled upon.

 It so happened that I read about a coriander curry which called for lot of coriander, fried   red chillies(20 badgi)  and a lemon sized ball  tamarind.

 Being a big coriander fan I started it but half way through I realized that this was a flop recipe as far as family dear were concerned so I pulled the brake and considered my options.

Time – getting late need to get dressed to go to work.
Curry—not acceptable.
Throw away the mixture -no way. 

Then I remembered the Vietnamese Sate sauce and tried it out in my own way substituting the fish sauce with soya sauce.
  1. So I crushed 20 cloves of garlic and put them to sizzle in about ½ cup oil.
  2.  Meanwhile I ground up 5 onions in the mixer and added it to the whole lot. Stir fry till the oil comes out  then add the coriander curry and fry on the back burner stirring occasionally till the oil shimmers.
  3. Then to cut down the pungent   I added more tamarind juice about 2 tblspn, 1 tblspn soya sauce  salt and   sugar.
  4. Mixed well and added some chopped 4-5 green chillies  unfortunately these chillies were the local ones short dark green and in my hurry to clear all the clutter on the platform which was slowing me down I hit on the right recipe for a fiery sauce that I have no guts to replicate again.
Now when I make this sauce I use lesser chillies.
I make a batch of this sauce and freeze it. Then I cut into blocks about 1 inch square and use it occasionally when I am in hurry or when I am bored to cook.
The first time I made this sauce I used it on Stuffed Capsicum and it went well with the bland taste of the potato stuffing.


  1. Gorgeous and super delicious ....

  2. Pungent sauce looks very spicy and attractive. Oooh! so hot!

  3. love the ingredients used,looks nice and spicy...

  4. Hey, this is new to me, Never heard of this sauce before. was at work and reading in a hurry, have bookmarked to go through in detail and to try it. :-)

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  5. Very delicous and easy recipe. I hope you guys had fun.

  6. Very interesting sauce, very handy..


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