Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thanks to all friends

These are the culprits that started me blogging. 

 I mean I did not jump directly from these books to blogging,no,no  but they were the reasons, no culprits.

You I started on one diary to write down about my experiments with food midway I decide that it was not too well organised. So I started the new one with the idea that I will rewrite the version I have tried in the new book.

Some I wrote most I did not so I started hunting for the recipe in both the books generally with something burning in the process and me just churning out something that we had to eat. 

Like “Kabhi Dhoop kabhi Chaw” sometimes good sometimes … You get the idea!! :-o

So in 1997 when we brought  our first PC (an old second hand  286 I think it is called) , hubby dear by then too  sure that I will not improve told me to transfer some of my recipes to the PC. He did some and showed me how easy it was to retrieve the data. I was hooked. (PC’s were not in a big way in my organisation then).

From then we moved to newer PC ‘s .I learnt something new everyday.  I also learnt the hard way what happens when PC’s crash and you have no backup. 

About that time we had internet first the dialup then the broadband and my brother who is a techie told me to start a blog so I will never loose my recipes.

 The same time when I was telling my SIL (my husband’s sis) about how I made Batata Wadas out of left over rice she told me the same. Most important was that both of us wanted to save some part of their grannies for our daughters. Something they could fall back on and not be left wondering how to make something like mum.

This time I started blogging. I had heard so much about how the net is dangerous, never make online friends, how people are duped I never ventured out to make friend. Most of the posting that I did was as I have written in my books. Never ventured to take pictures of what I made plan simple this is how such a thing is made.

Brothers, you know what pest they can be, especially those younger than you by 11 years, was pestering me to post photographs and when I told him my fears he set about educating me about the net. Put my fears to rest. SIL (husband’s sis) presented me with a simpler camera, for I could not the one we had and I still use it. The rest is history!!

Now you are wondering why this speech. You see I was curious and wanted to see how many posts I have and was surprised to see that this is my 173rd.

Any way a big thanks to all my friends here who 
have made me comfortable and answer all my silly questions patiently!!


  1. Great history.. Am sure you stand proud looking back at where you started and what you have achieved! great going and all the best.. keep rocking!

  2. I am so glad you started your blog. BTW theres an old book of recipes at my place too. Its time I raid tht for recipes!

  3. I dint get the meaning of your comment at my blog.
    Anyways Happy blogging. You have a nice plce here :-)

  4. Archana, thanks for voting dear but you must come by again to my blog and collect a couple of things I have waiting for you (hint) - check my award post :) congrats dear

  5. Beautiful recap, congrats on ur 173th post, keep rocking Archana..

  6. Congrats on your milestone dear...keep up the good work!

    Regarding your question- I am really pleased you liked the focaccia bread. I would encourage you to give it a try. I used to think the same way about baking bread until I tried it. You just have to give yourself a couple of attempts to get it right. Yes AP flour is indeed maida. With my attempts I have found that this mix of whole wheat and AP flour works the best in terms of taste and the 'healthy' factor. But of course you can use either all whole wheat or AP flour, it works just the same.
    Hope that helps :)

    US Masala

  7. lovely post glad you are part of blogging friends

  8. Archana,
    Congrats on reaching 173rd post. Wish you for many more yummy posts. These diaries are so precious .....I still keep my diaries at a safe place.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Congrats on this milestone!!!! Glad to have stopped by...Now ur newest follower..;)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  10. I guess, we are so much too stared to write my experiments in diaries first' now took it to next level-blogging.

  11. I still record my recipes in my diaries ...I too started with wriing down recipes in the diary and then started cooking...still love all my rec diaries:)

  12. Nice to read ur history..I am sure,u will have great time here..


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