Friday, 4 February 2011

Baigan Bharta

Baigan Bharta (in Curds)
I have always thought Baigan/Brinjal/eggplant/baidnikai/vanga Bharta is the most common recipe found in the length and breadth of the country. I am sure each region will have a different way of making the same Baigan using local tastes and then individual tastes into a totally different bharta.

  The most common one being the one is the one which is made of fried garlic, onions and tomatoes.   

My MIL once made a lovely Baigan Bharta, I doubt I will ever be able to make it like that. She had roasted the Baigan added onion, a little tamarind pulp and thick juice of coconut. I plan to make it like this tomorrow.
Baigan Bharta (Goan way)

The Goan way, the one that I have eaten was adding coconut, onion to the roasted baigan. Tastes yummy.

Amma used to make it with onions, curds, cream and a little roasted groundnut powder. I remember eating it with chapatti and then with rice. After my stint in hostel, where I learnt to eat jowar rotis, I found that bharta tasted must better.

I tried making it initially the way Amma made it but Hubby dear does not like roasted groundnut powder, cream.  To add to my misery, I used to make it in the morning and we used to eat it in the evening, the onion used to smell bad and he used to unceremoniously dump it.  

Only now I realised that this bharta taste best when mixed and eaten immediately and omitted roasted ground-nuts completely. Hubby dear does not know that I still add a little cream. He just eats it!!

Are there any of your favourite ways to make this dish? Please let me know I would love to try it.


  1. Looks fabulous & absolutely delicious!

  2. baingan barta in curd.......sure it sounds great....

  3. interesting we makke it fry all the thing but my friend make bharta with litti some different way she roast baign tomato potaoes and mashed when done.after that add onion garlic coriander leaves green chilly and little mustered oil all raw. it is very tasty and good with litti

  4. looks delicious lovely combination

  5. Bhartha looks sooooo tasty and thick.
    Loved this recipe.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Archana,
    Sounds yummy goes well with roti or rice.
    I love Baigan/Vankaya a lot. and Love it in any form, pickle, vangi bath, suffed, fry in any form.
    My grand ma makes this recipe (Perugu Vankaya / Baigan with Curd) in her style and I love that. Will post a recipe and shall share with you

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  7. Yum, I love all of the flavors that you mentioned and would love to try's new to me :D

  8. Baingan bartha with yogurt looks very yummy and comforting

  9. reminds me of my aunt. love it!


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