Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

This eminent personality arrived in Panaji, Goa to speak at the D.D.Kosambi Festival of Ideas at the Kala Academy! 

He was to speak at 5 pm and my friend rang up at around 4 pm to tell us that there is screen put up for general public at the Kala Academy.

 And after a mad rush we reached there only to be disappointed at the crowd that had the same smart idea and had were to return home to watch his speech on TV.

At the entrance of Kala Academy there was huge crowd all waiting for Dr. Kalam was to come in from there. We joined the crowd just for a glimpse of this great man.

And were we rewarded for the wait?
 Not only we saw him we shook hands with him, just for a fleeting moment!!

For him it must be everyday were people flock to see him and listen to him for me it was a lifetime achievement! Never will I forget the feel o those slim fingers!!
 I thank Almighty for this opportunity that I had never dreamt of !

You can read his speech here!!


  1. U guys are lucky to meet such a living legent..Honestly am jealous..

  2. First time here.....

    Happy to know about ur meet with a great person:)

    u have a wonderful space with delicious recipes....

    glad to follow u :)


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