Monday, 20 October 2008


This recipe is something that my SIL, tried out long before her marriage. It can be made with milkmaid also, but, I like to use this recipe, as I don’t always have milkmaid at home.


1½ cups milk

¾ cups cocoa or 100 grms cooking choclate

4 cups sugar

½tea spoon salt

¼ butter or ghee

2 tea spoon vanilla essence



1.In a heavy pan mix cocoa & milk, stir till it dissolves over gentle flame.

2.Mix sugar & salt, cook over low flame till sugar dissolves. Raise heat & cook till it reaches soft ball stage( a drop put in cold water should form a soft ball)

3.Remove from heat & cool slightly till pan is cool enough to handle.

4.Add butter, nuts & essence. Beat well now spread on a greased tray & smoothen top cut when firm.

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