Friday, 4 January 2013

Chocolate filled Canapes for BM #24

Treacle tart this was one of the desserts I was make for the HP themed party. Making treacle tart for 30 people in not my cup of tea( I still have to read the recipe shhh!), so we made canapes with chocolate.
Again the pics are by the kids I think!

For Canapés you will need
·        200 grms Cream (I used Amul Cream)
·        330 grms Dark Chocolate (chopped fine)
·        20 grms butter
·        Canapes cases( I made 40 )
·        Cherries and sprinkles

·   Chop the chocolate to small pieces
·   Heat the cream so that it just bubbles. Remove off the flame
·   Add the chocolate and mix well.
·   Add the butter.
·   Beat well.
·   Arrange the canapes cases on the serving tray.
·   Spoon the chocolate in the cases.
·   Decorate with cherries and sprinkles.
·   Cover with cling film and chill in the refrigerator till needed.
Must confess that my neighbour's daughter Stacey did these alone with Akanksha helping her. I just made the chocolate and gave her.
Thanks Stacey!

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  1. Wow .. two young girls made the canapes, a very well done job I say!

  2. will try these soon Archana. they look so cute and amazing

  3. Looks perfect, colorful and inviting too...

  4. wow they look so tempting... so did u do the canapes also at home or store bought? if homemade, please share the recipe...
    Ongoing Event - SYF&HWS - Ginger

  5. Those are some lovely looking dessert Arachana,...btw can you check your ing list shows the "· "..I think you copied text from a different source..

  6. Those are some lovely looking dessert Arachana,...btw can you check your ing list shows the "· "..I think you copied text from a different source..

  7. Beautiful canapes. Love the idea.

  8. Love the idea. Looks very tempting.

  9. Elegant & sinful!!Happy new year to u Archana!!
    Prathima ao
    Prats Corner

  10. Bookmarked! I am definitely making this for my daughter's bday party.

  11. Such an easy dessert just like yesterdays dish.Bookmarking these.I may use it for my lil ones bday party :).Great ones for kids...

  12. @ Thanks all.
    Thanks Valli corrected my post.
    @Sowmya the cases are readymade.

  13. Definitely a crowd pleaser, those canapes looks damn attractive, kudos to both of them.

  14. Perfect party snack, Archana. They look super cute...

  15. like PJ said, will make it for my lil's ones birthday party too

  16. this is perfect for chocolate lovers..thnx for linking

  17. Awesome looking canapes -- so colorful and yummy!!

  18. Awesome..
    Choco filled canape love it


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