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Apple Pie

Wish you all A Very Happy Sanktanti or Pongal! Hope you have made delicious Pongal or Gulpolis and til ladoos.

There seems to be a lethargy on my part I am finding it difficulty in surfing the net.So there are hardly any comments from me or visits for that matter! Kindly excuse me  yet again!!

 I am tired and seem to have some kind of health problems (read lack excercise and have become fat) which needs me to exercise so most of my evening are spent cycling. If in case you get some invites from Facebook for Farmville etc then please feel free to ignore them. My daughter plays it under my name.

Coming to blogging
For Baking Partners #6 Sawati's brainchild we were to try tarts and pies.The girls wanted Apple Pie ! So Apple Pie it was!  Swati had provided us with the recipes but since these days I am not upto the mark in my cooking I just tried making the pie from the Joy of Baking site which I had already tried it out to make Quiche here

Now these pictures are taken in the night. I will set better pictures when I make it again. 

So there are 2 reasons for me to make the pie again plus the girls want me to make a "jali' of the dough.Three  reasons enough!


·      2 ½ cups (350g) Maida or all purpose flour
·      2 tbsp (30 grms) white granulated sugar
·      1 pinch of salt
·      1 cup (226 grms chilled butter cut in 1 inch pieces
·      ¼ to ½ cup( 60-120 ml) ice water

 Apple filling

·      1.1 kg peeled, cored and sliced to ¼ inch thickness
·      ¼ cup (50grms) white granulated sugar
·      ¼ cup (55grms) brown sugar
·      1 tblsp lemon juice
·      ½ tsp cinnamon
·      2 tblsp 928grms) butter
·      1 ½ tblsp corn flour


·      Mix well the sugar, salt and flour till well combined.
·      Add the butter and rub till the mixture resembles crumbs.
·      Pour ¼ cup water and mix well. Add more water if needed. Do not knead for long.
·      Make a ball of the dough. Then make 2 pieces one big and one small. Flatten and refrigerate for 1 hour.
·      After 1 hour remove the bigger ball on a lightly floured surface and roll out in a disc to a 12 inch circle.
·      Dust the flour and transfer to the pie dish. Since the recipe called for an 8 inch pie tray and mine is 7 inch tray I had some excess dough. Which I used in these small muffin moulds. Cover with plastic and refrigerate.
·      Roll out the smaller ball to a disc dust and cover with a plastic. Refrigerate.

Pie fillingMethod:

·                     Mix well the sliced apples with sugar, ground cinnamon lime juice. 
             Let it sit at room temperature for about 3 hours.
·       Strain the juice of the apples with a strainer in a bowl.
·       Let the apples drain 15-30 minutes or till there is ½ cup of juices.
·       Transfer the liquid to a greased micro safe bowl add the 2 tbsp of butter and boil for 5 to 10 minutes till the liquid reduces to 1/3 cup.
·       Meanwhile remove the crusts and let it sit for at least 10 minutes on the counter.
·       To the drained apples add the corn flour and mix well. Then mix the syrup on the apples and combine well.
·       Pour the apples and the syrup in the crust and pat the apples and arrange them in the dish.
·       Moisten the edges of the pie crust with a little water then place the top crust. Tuck the excess under the bottom crust.
·       Make slits with a sharp knife from the centre to edge about 5 cms on the top crust. Cover and refrigerate.
·       Preheat oven to 220ºC for about 45 to 55 minutes or till the knife when inserted in the slits feel tender and not mushy.
·       Serve about 3-4 hours later.

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  1. Not just the girls but even me want you to make this again and parcel some. And even I second the 'jali' the second time!

  2. Wow, another apple pie..it sure seems to be the most famous pick. Loved your attempt. Great job

  3. The crust looks so flaky and crumbly! Delicious!

  4. Yummy yummy pie,perfectly made and tempting

  5. The pie looks wonderful - great job

  6. hi archana, join the bandwagon, i do feel lethargic too,but mine is mental stress not physical like yours.
    hey your pics looks great, despite taking at night, it has a very clear reflection.. must learn that lighting trick :) yes, i love apple pis too for tea. very tempting to eat, but limit to only one piece- not too many sweet desert-
    i guess that's the reason why i never treid making one.. in short i dunno how to make apple pies .
    have a wonderful day, dont overdo your exercise..a 15 minute walk daily will do great
    and you need enough sleep to regain your energy.
    o ya, i just blogged about energy food, best being garlic :)take care

  7. Am drooling over here..looks inviting!!

  8. Very nice job done archana... hmm ur pie looks so yummy

  9. Very nice job done yaar.. pie looks sooo yummy...

  10. Very nice job done yaar.. pie looks sooo yummy...

  11. Archana you did very well I love this apple pie. May be next time you can make lattice on the top.

  12. Delicious looking apple pie..Great job dear..

  13. Very tempting and beautiful apple pie Archana, lovely.

  14. Absolutely delicious and beautifully made..We too enjoyed it..

  15. lovely pie..
    once i made apple pie... everybody enjoyed except my son.. i specially made for him.. when he didn't enjoy, i lost interest
    http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com/in making apple pie..

  16. Yes, my first time here too see your pie. It looks fantastic. Cheers from Spain

  17. Hi Archana, are you feeling better now!, I am going through with lot of bugs and am tired too.., when I read that I really laughed so loud your daughter playing farmville.. :)), hahaha.., coming to the pies, they look awesome.. Happy new year to you and your family dear..

  18. Beautifully made.love the pies.

  19. Awesome! The crust looks so flaky! tempting :)

  20. This looks perfect Archana. must have tasted great


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