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Mini Ghevar Topped with Rabdi ~~SNC Challenge

What is left of Rabdi and Ghevar
As a part of the North and South challenge, Divya’s  brainchild we try out new recipes. This time the north group has challenged the South group to make Ghevar. This challenge was suggested by Manjula Bharath of Desi Fiesta from Northern team, while Southern team challenged them with Vada Curry by Ramya Krishnamurthy of LemonKurry.

The first time I heard about Ghevar was in Jodha Akbar! Where Jodha cooks a delicious vegetarian meal for Akbar. The ladies come singing about what all is cooked. One of the dishes was Ghevar. I wanted to try it when I saw Priya recipe here.

The only challenge I thought was getting my family to eat the ghevar. And I am sorry to say that I was sorely defeated. In fact I am still licking my wounds. But then I will make it yet again hopefully to a more appreciative audience. Soon.

The ghevar sorely tested me at first  for I tried using little less than   the quantity mentioned. I had to remake the batter again as by the time I got the reason of my failure my batter was over. :)   Remember here more oil is better.



For Ghevar Batter

·       1 ½ cup  Maida (All Purpose Flour)  
·       ½ cup Milk (cold or room temp)  
·        Ghee (Clarified Butter) - 1/2 cup for mixing the batter
·        3-4 cups  refined oil for frying ghevar
·        Water - 2 cups

For Sugar Syrup

·       1 ½ cup Sugar
·        1 cup Water

For Kesar Rabdi

·        2 cups whole milk
·        3-4 tsp sugar
·        2 crushed cardamoms
·        1 crushed  pistachios (I did not use)
·        1/2 tsp  saffron strands


Delicious creamy Rabdi!
Make your rabdi first
·       Take a steel bowl, your dal ki katori will do heat it on the gas till quite hot. Now add the saffron strands. The saffron will wilt. Let the katori cool then crush the saffron and add a small quantity of milk. I added about 1 tblsp here. This way the saffron releases maximum aroma.
·       In a non stick vessel pour the milk and heat it.
·       Add the sugar and continue heating. Remember that the sugar dissolves and the milk becomes watery again. So I prefer to heat the two together. In case you are not comfortable please heat the milk till it is reduced to ½ the original quantity then add the sugar.
·       As you are about to switch off the gas add the cardamom powder, pistachios if using and the saffron too. Let the rabdi cool.

To make the Ghevar

The one I finally got right
·       I used the wire whip to mix the batter at first then used my hand.
·        Mix the milk and ghee and whip till it forms a nice homogenous mass. Say about 4-5 minutes if using your wire whip.
·        Add all purpose flour and mix well till there are no lumps.
·        Add water little by little and mix it well into a smooth consistency. If you take in a spoon and try to drop on a plate, it should be thin (check Nisha Mudaliks's video).
·        Heat the oil in a small pan (usually the size of the ghevar you want to make). 
·        While the ghee is heating, make the syrup in the side and let it cool. To make the syrup heat the water and sugar mix stir occasionally after the sugar dissolves. Then take the spoon out of the syrup and take a small drop on your fore finger. Stretch between the thumb and the fore finger if the syrup is done and is of a single string consistency then you will see a single thread of the syrup. If you see this you are done. Let the syrup now cool.
·        To check if the ghee is hot or not, drop little batter and make sure, it immediately comes on the top.
·        Now, take a big spoonful (about 1/3 cup sized) of batter and slow and steady start pouring it right in the middle of the pan with ghee. You will immediately start seeing lot of bubbles, let them all subside. Stretch your hand as high as you can when pouring.
·        Now, add another spoonful (only after bubbles are subsided, about 45-60 seconds) right in the middle and let bubbles come and subside.
·        If the middle of the pan is crowded by now, take a skewer and push the batter from the middle of the pan to the sides.
·        Continue this process till you have reached the desired thickness of ghevar. I only did 1 and 1/3 spoonful for one ghevar.
·        Now, reduce the flame to medium and let the ghevar cook till nice golden colour (about 2-3 min.)
·        As soon as you see golden brown spots on the top, drain ghevar on a paper towel or plate.
·        Keep ghevar slanted to get rid of excess oil.
·        Once it is slightly cooler, dip it in sugar syrup (for about 5-10 seconds) and drain it on another plate.
·       Continue this process for all ghevars.  
·        Once all syrup is drained, feel free to save in air-tight contained and use it for up to a week or so.


Delicious Creamy Rabdi and Ghevar!!

Usually it is served as is. It tastes better, when it is slightly cold but tastes best when topped with rabdi.

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  1. lovely ghevar archana :) thanks for linking :) n happy to follow you :)

  2. I know ghevar is not an easy one it needs lot of practice ..But still your ghevar looks lovely and i appreciate your effort dear :)

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  5. Ghevar is really tough to make . Great effort.

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    P.S _ I did sieve the icing sugar but the granules were still there :(

  7. Wow...I have never seen or tasted this dish before...Looks so yummy...

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    Prathima Rao
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  11. wow...this looks damn good!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. Very good effort dear :) Delectably made :) hats off to your effort!!

  13. wow you made ghevar at home, fantastic I always find the process so intimidating

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  18. Looks awesome! I want to eat some :) Missed making it for the challenge, but will make it soon :)


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