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Boiled Cauliflower for BM #24

First let me wish you all

A Very Happy Republic Day!!

For the Blogging Marathon #24 I am blogging Weaning foods. The first weaning food that Akanksha was fed was boiled cauliflower!

I know this is quite unconventional. In fact I had the ire of lot of my Elders’ in the family they had wanted the traditional payasam to be fed, but I was adamant. You see my elder daughter was fed the traditional foods but no veggies then getting her to eat veggies was an uphill task that was running in 7 long years after a lot of threatening, cajoling, crying etc.  I did not want the same process repeated all over again. Thankfully the hubby and the paediatrician were there to support me.

Among veggies carrots and beets were favourites with Akanksha.

Coming down to boiled veggies there  is no recipe as such.
·      Just boil the vegetable washed, cleaned and in case of veggies like carrots scraped in the cooker for 2-3 whistles. Generally I soak them in salted water and turmeric.
·      It’s easier to mash the veggies with the back of a spoon.  Just before you feed the baby mash it again with your fingertips.
·      You can blend it too but the idea is to introduce some texture in the food.

The only precaution that you have to take is to check if the baby is allergic to any foods. So introduce only one new food to the baby and repeat it for a week.

Next week change the veggie or foods. Like this week its cauliflower next its carrots, then beets. The fourth week a combo of all 3. In the fifth week keep veggies as one meal and introduce something new like Dalia. How I wish I knew about oats then I would have fed the little one with different things made of oats. Gradually reduce her dependence on milk only diet to more and more varied diet.

One more feature was that Akanksha was never a patient baby, at least where food was concerned.  For her first birthday after slicing the cake I fed her a little cake and was still on the dais holding the slice in my hand looking out for Hubby’s Aunt  thinking she may want to feed Akanksha too. Well baby took matters out of our hands much to everyone’s amusement she took the slice and stuffed it in her mouth!! 

She never was spoon fed just bowl fed if that may be an expression. The bowl had to be at her mouth not the spoon as long as I fed her.

As Akanksha grew older and she was introduced to bread sticks any dal, mild rasam, amti, sambhar was given to her with the bread stick, rice anything she fed herself. There was a mess; in fact she had 2-3 bed sheets per day on which she sat to eat. Feeding her was never an option she had to do it herself. The paediatrician encouraged me in this.

“She will play when she has fed herself, she told me,” let her do it. She has to learn the texture of different food, the different tastes, let her make it interesting for herself. You unlearn having to feed her and your judgement that she has not had enough, she will not sit quietly if she has not had enough.”

 And I am grateful to her because of this I had no stress that my baby was not eating in fact she was a bouncy, baby always smiling and very healthy. Touch wood she rarely falls sick  even now.

By and by she started using me as her chewing machine anything she could not chew like nuts, went in my mouth and was given a instruction which was “HMMm!” I had to chew and after she had judged I had chewed enough she hooked her finger in my mouth transferred it to her mouth. Am I grossing you out? Well she did it and I used to get mad at her.  But when I watched on Discovery I think the baby gorillas or was it the chimp, anyway one of the great apes doing the same I just stopped getting so grossed out. Cannot argue with her papa’s genes can you?

With this I bring an end to my sermon on weaning your baby. This is what I have followed you may or may not agree with my methods but I hope this will make it less stressful to you both!
Bon Appetit'!
In this BM #24 I have in the linked
As Kids Delight
1. Chocolate filled Canapes
2. Ragi Cupcakes
3.Trifle Pudding

As Weaning Foods
1. Dalai
2. Lapsi 
3. Boiled veggies namely Cauliflower

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  1. Happy Republic Day to you. Thanks for posting this nice recipe.

  2. useful post thank you Archana for sharing

  3. I do this dish even now quite often to feed my kids,healthy.

  4. I used to work at a nursery school and we start the kids feeding themselves at just a little past 1, with a little help. By age 2, they are feeding themselves completely. New parents would visit and be stunned how well they fed themselves so young. If you avoid the need to interfere, they are actually quite capable.

  5. hi archana, glad that your baby girl is no problemos in eating, unlike some kids.. sweet of you to share your tips with many mothers under dilemma when feeding their babies.
    must be stressful for both mom and child, when such problems arise. ha ha. cauliflower is great for health too. have a nice day

  6. Cauliflower is very healthy daughter never eats cauliflower :( you are lucky...


  7. I have no idea on this subject, but am glad u have shared these details, they are so useful. Dint even know there were weaning foods!!

  8. Looks yummy dear Archana. Very interesting recipe.

  9. i agree , my kid also got used to eating all kinds of food bcoz 1 i offered him all and also let him eat with his own hands at the cost of messy home

  10. Sorry,please delete the previous comment..Wished to mash and make soup..Yummy healthy version of cauliflower!!
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  11. very informative and very well written post!!!
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  12. That's an good idea of starting on veggies as weaning food....

  13. Always good to eat all kids of food..n Its good to make kids eat on their own.

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  14. very useful and helpful post dear..

  15. I thought I left a comment here!

    I loved the way you have written this post, the part I liked most is how your child decided to take the matters into her hand (literally) for her birthday :)

    Great post, one that will bring a smile to all the mothers :)

  16. I can completely relate with you -- my son is just like ur daughter. But I don't want to repeat the same with my daughter now. Hopefully she'll be a better eater than her brother. Love the tips and recipes. Please keep them coming.

  17. Archana, that's a great dish..I have never tried this for my's good to know atleast now..:)


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