Thursday, 24 January 2013

Dalia or Porridge

This Blogging Marathon I will be posting Weaning Foods.

For my elder daughter I had no problems as my MIL and Mother were around and I just did what I was told.

But for my second daughter both were not around and I had to manage. So one of the first things that I had served Akanksha, my daughter no 2 after veggies was ’Dalia’!

 It’s simple to cook and good for health.  In fact I have served it to her both as sweet and salted flavours and she has loved both.

Today we will make the sweet kind. Basically I used very little sugar with Akanksha it was either jaggary or dates as sweetener.

Akanksha learnt to eat chocolates after she was 1 year because Smita, my SIL, who had come down for her delivery used to bribe Akanksha, to get Akanksha to come to her. Akanksha was not very social quite opposite of her elder sister who was never found at home from the time she could walk and talk, say at around 1 year. Yes both my kids were running and talking for their first birthdays.

But I am rambling… so getting back to sweeteners for babies the 3 basic rules are ... avoid refined sugar, salt and maida or all purpose flour!

Here I have made this ‘Dalia’ for myself as my kids will not eat it now. Husband has mental diabetics, which shoots up when he is asked to eat something like this. I am trying to scale it down to the quantity the baby will eat, you will have to adjust the levels of sugar and milk as this is an approximation.


·     1 tblsp ‘Dalia’
·     ¼  cup water
·     2 tsp sugar
·     ¼ - ½  cup milk
·     1 tsp ghee


·      In a bowl add enough water to soak the ‘Dalia’. Let it stand for a few minutes then drain the water.
·     Add the ¼ cup water and cook in the cooker for 2 whistles. Let the cooker cool naturally.
·     Remove from the cooker and mash the ‘Dalia’ with the back of a spoon. (This is easier when the ‘Dalia’ is hot).
·     Transfer to a kadhai/wok or saucepan and add milk, ghee and sugar.
·     Bring to boil. Once it reaches the desired consistency remove from flame.
·     Cool. Remember once the dalai cools it becomes a little thicker so adjust the consistency, taste and feed the baby.


·     In case your baby is small and cannot handle the ‘Dalia’ (for it’s a bit bigger in size than normal rava) blend it.
·     In case you are blending it and you have started your baby on veggies then add carrots, beets in the sweetened porridge.
·     In case you have feed the baby with fruits then mango.

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  1. I too agree with you Archana! no refined foods for babies including white sugar. Good recipe and perfectly done.

  2. A healthy sweet dish for the little ones.

  3. Will try this for Lil Dude.Sure is a healthy dish...

  4. I love the term 'mental diabetics' :)).

    Nice dish for babies

  5. I'm looking forward to starting my daughter on solids soon. Loved ur recipes, will try these soon for my little one.


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