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Tousule for Magic Mingle #13

Tousule is a Goan delicacy made in the rainy season.

Why rains?  Well cucumbers the main ingredient of Tousule is grown in plenty in the hilly areas and is sold not only on the roads but also in the markets. Its common sight for the farmers themselves selling the freshly plucked cucumbers. Also one more ingredient the turmeric leaf that is used to give a delicious aroma to the Tousule.

Traditionally the Tousule is made out of rice suji or rava or wheat rava fine or thick kind, cashew nuts, coconut and jaggary are used to create this beautiful steamed delicacy called Tousule.

When Kalyani announced the Magic Mingle of cucumber and walnuts I was sure I will never make it. Then I saw Gayatri post of zucchini bread and something went click in my head and I thought Tousule.

Well if you are a regular visitor here you will know sweets, let me clarify some sweets, are unmentionables in my place this happens to be one of them. I made minimum quantity of 1 katori. But please let me not put you guys off the Tousule it is amazing. Do try it out.


·        1  measure  of grated cucumber, peeled and seeds removed
·         ½  measure of dalia
·        1 measure of rava
·        I tbspn ghee+ some more to grease
·        1 measure of coconut
·        150 grms of jaggary
·        Cardamom powder
·        Cashew nuts and walnuts
·        A pinch of salt
·        Fresh turmeric leaf( I did not have so did not use)

Additional Equipment:

·        Kadhai/wok
·        Pressure cooker vent removed
·        A big bowl for steaming
·        Banana leaf (optional)


·        Squeeze the grated cucumber and collect the juice in a container.
·        In the cucumber juice, add the jaggery and let it soak.
·        Heat the wok and on low flame add the a little ghee. Fry the walnut pieces, slightly remove add the cashew nuts and fry till golden. Set aside.
·        Add the dalia and stir fry on low flame till the dalia browns slightly. Now add the rava and continue frying till you get a lovely aroma of fried suji/rava. Remove from the flame and let it cool.
·        Now check the jaggary, has it become a mushy paste? If not crush the the jaggery with your fingers. It will be easier now.
·        Add the coconut, cardamom powder, salt the cashew nuts and walnuts ( reserve a few to garnish)to the jaggary and set aside.
·        Once the rava has cooled add the rava to the jaggary mixture and  let it sit for at least ½ an hour.
·        After the end of the ½ hour mix the cucumber in the mixture.
·        Wipe and grease a banana leaf. Line a bowl with it.
·        Put enough water in the pressure cooker place the grid in it and set to boil.
·        If you are using turmeric leaves make small knotted balls out of them.
·        Now in the greased and lined bowl add the prepared mixture. Insert the turmeric balls at intervals.
·        Place in the bowl in the boiling water cover with another piece of the banana leaf. Cover the pressure cooker, steam for 12 minutes.
·        After the 12 minutes; let the bowl cool. And the gently remove the tousale.
·        Let it cool before you cut and serve it.


I have used dalia and rava as I had run out of dalia.
Turmeric leaf gives a lovely aroma in case you cannit lay you hands on it try the basmati rice leaf. I am told its awesome.
Please wait till the Tousule cools completely before you cut it else the end result is what I have here a messy mass in which you have to hunt for lovely cubes. I was in a hurry as the light was fading.

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  1. That is a very new and delicious dish!!! looks very tempting!!!
    Ongoing Event - Mission - Breakfast

  2. Lovely Post. Thanks for sharing.
    I am highly inspired by your cooking skills.Love your space.
    A very happy new year to you and your family.

    Ongoing Event:

  3. Wow.. It's so delectable..

  4. Ne to me,looks so yummy,thanks for sharing.

  5. very new to me this. Looks so yummy.

  6. Interesting recipe. Never heard of this sweet before. It looks nice...

  7. that's so interesting - would definitely like to try it

  8. Delicious dish, I love to try it. You introduce me to a new dish.

  9. New and yummy dish. Thx for linking.

    Event: New U - 2013

  10. Omg, just speechless..Want a fabulous dessert.

  11. hi archana, how is 2013 so far? this sure is one desert which i have never seen before- very innovative and i heard it is cooling for the body, great,especially us here, it is forever summer and hot.
    have a great week

  12. Very new to me....looks so yum....

  13. was thinking about some sweet munchable things, and your dessert bowled me over..
    am seriously craving for a plate of it.. slurp!

  14. Lovely one, Archana....

    The cucumber combo is surely going places this month...

  15. I have never had this before and such a unique recipe!
    have bookmarked it!

  16. Very new to me..interesting & inviting dish Archana..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  17. good one Archana, always like traditional recipes, u've incorporated the ingredients really well

  18. A good one.
    This has been on my list eversince I saw it on a blog years ago. Always held back because had no idea how the flavor of cucumber would work in this dish. Sice I made cucumber cupcakes recently I am confident now to try it.

  19. A very new and an interesting dish, I love traditional recipes, now this is going to be on my to do list, thanks for sharing this.., will definitely try out and tell you..

  20. I just returned from Goa and I think I tasted something like this there. The ladies at the Kala Academy exhibition going on were selling a few Goa delicacies and we loved every single thing. There was dessert that felt like this but it had no cucumber. I forgot the name but will post pictures soon.


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